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Friday, September 09, 2011

This years Halloween party is going with the theme Alice In Wonderland from the Tim Burton film. It has such a dark, foreboding look to the whole film and we are taking it even further than that. We have most of the party planned, the decorations, party games, who's dressing as which characters and the like but we have to work on the food.

So far we know that we'll have drinks at the table for everyone in small glass bottles that have labels on them that say "Drink Me", like in the movie. We've been saving all kinds of heavier glass bottles all year from maple syrup, collecting liquor bottles and have even bought a few that looked nice. Making the labels on the computer was easy, I just used a heavy parchment style paper, burnt the edges and soaked it in a solution of weak tea to make the labels look old once they had been printed. I used to use this technique when I was a kid to make "treasure maps" for my little sister and brother who loved my treasure hunts.

I'll also be making little petite fore cakes and decorating them with scroll icing and the words "Eat Me" like the ones in the film, as well. But now I'm stuck with what to make for the rest of the menu. I've checked at Halloween-Online.com in the recipe section to see if there are any recipes that will work for this party. We may make a "meat head" to go with the "Off with their head!" theme. It's pretty gross looking but will go with the party theme just fine. Basically,you use a medical grade skull, wrap it with plastic wrap and cover it with cold cuts. I know I found that once at Halloween-Online.com but couldn't' find it again. They assure me that they'll have it up again this year along with a bunch of new recipes.

We'll also make "Mummy Fingers" and a few more that we found at HalloweenRecipes101.com. If you are looking for food ideas for your Halloween party, try that site. It's loaded with good Halloween recipes!


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